Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tyler Perry's New Movie Poster: The Real Black Swan

Musical Toilet

Currently available in Japan. "The song, an unusually long ballad called "God of Toilet," has nearly nine million hits on YouTube."

Vintage Ads

They also have the Lucky ad, reminiscent of Mad Men.

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If Food Instructions Were Honest:

Arrested Development Clue

See more pieces here. SP

How Pandas Celebrate Valentine's Day

With Friends Like These...

Punny: Church Edition

Bathroom Etiquette

Woman Suing After She Jumps Out of Moving Cab

"Amy Ewertz...flung herself out of a speeding cab after the driver locked her inside and floored it, she claims in a lawsuit. [she claims] the cabbie went ballistic when she insisted on paying the fare with a credit card on Sept. 1, 2010...The driver then sped off, prompting Ewertz to pry open the lock and jump from the cab's backseat, the suit says."


The Big Bad Wolf Finally Got Her

"This one is cute and clever: The Little Red Riding Hood eco-friendly shopping bag from the NeatoShop comes with a wolf plush carrying pouch. Unzip the wolf to reveal Little Red Riding Hood inside!"


I Want an Alot

"Allie Brosh created the lovable creature we know as the alot, in order to cope with the very common mistake of making “a lot” into one word."

Apple Wallpapers

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Tell Time

Ingenuity: Multi-line Extension Cords

"This Dark Endeavor" Coming to the Big Screen

"The action adventure surrounds young Victor Frankenstein and his attempt to save his twin brother, Konrad, who falls gravely ill. Victor seeks out a mysterious old alchemist who sends Victor and his best friend Elizabeth on a dangerous quest to find three rare ingredients needed to create the Elixir of Life, a fabled serum that will give the drinker perpetual health. There are betrayals along the way and a love triangle between Victor, Elizabeth and Konrad. The book is full of insider references involving Mary Shelley and her original Frankenstein novel, and sets up the subsequent storyline for that famous tale."

Youtube Humor Or How Not to Pick Up Girls

For the Fanciest Occasions: LEGO Cufflinks

Comes in five colors, and available on Etsy here.

Grammar Matters: Snow affects Spelling

Simpson's Punny

Do You See What I See: Unfortunate Name

Second Nom of the Day: Do Not Eat II

"Made from an everything bagel, with tidbits of dill, lox, chives and all the rest of a complete breakfast."

Foodstuff of the Day: Do Not Eat


Picture of the Day: Japanese Volcano

“Lightning dances in Shinmoedake’s volcanic plume, the eruption having already led Japanese authorities to call on those living nearby to evacuate. Seen from Kirishima city, the light shows last only for a few moments, but the ash and rocks fall relentlessly between the prefectures of Miyazaki and Kagoshima.”