Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Very Angry Birds

The Truth About Space Trees

The Truth About Public Bathrooms

Animal Acting Out Computer Terms

"Firefox has encountered an unexpected problem with windows.”

Mini TV Shows

Popular TV shows miniaturized.

It Really Does Exist: Hotel For Chicken

"The Chicken Hotel created by 31-year-old David Roberts, from Boskenwyn, Helston, is almost just like any other hotel out there, with one big difference – instead of people, it offers accommodations for chicken. I know it sounds like a joke, but this  place is for real, and apparently  it’s also very successful."


When Batman Met Starwars

We Don't Stand A Chance

Bed and Pool

I have no idea where this is, but it looks pretty cool. As long as you don't sleepwalk.

Punny of the Day: Ice Cream

The Old iPhone and Youtube

Well, At Least We Know He's Not Banksy

Punkrock Childhood

Don't Try This At Home

Nom of the Day: Groundhog Cake

If You Think Your iPhone is Too Small...

You could always turn it into one of these:

Art of the Day: Fresh Stuff By Buff Diss Adelaide, Australia


Wear Your Own Oxygen Supply: Plant Necklaces

Tiny Wearable Planters made by Colleen Jordan.
COSTS: $55

Surfing: Rat Edition

"Tofu, the surfing rat was taught to catch waves of up to 4 ft. His owner, Boomer Hodel, pictured above has been hitting the waves twice a week at their local beach in Hawaii."


Getting Back to Basics: Cat Edition

The McBain Movie

Clips of The Simpson's McBain compiled into one awsome clip!

Check it out here